Residents celebrate Memorial Day despite stormy weather

Residents celebrate Memorial Day despite stormy weather

FORREST COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Damp weather didn't keep everyone in the Pine Belt from having a good time on Memorial Day.

There were a few families gathered at Paul B. Johnson State Park, a place that is normally full of activities. Although there was some bad weather in the area, many still took the time out to honor those servicemen who gave their all for their country.

"We decided to come out here and spend time together but we are also remembering those that did sacrifice their lives so that we can have an opportunity for this day off so we are thankful that we still have all of our family and friends and we can come out and just enjoy each other and just enjoy this day even though it's raining." Paula Waters said.

"Its been a good weekend, had fun times with the family except for the little bit of showers we had, but you know you got to do the best with what you got to make with,"said Brandon Alt.

Its been years since the Pine Belt experienced stormy weather on Memorial Day.