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Joe's Viewpoint: Common Ground

Joe Sciortino Joe Sciortino

Over the past two weeks we have watched as two brave men were laid to rest and as two families were honored. We lined the streets together with American flags and we wore blue to show support for them, the families, and all law enforcement. We witnessed forces arrive from all over this great nation to honor two strangers they see as brothers. Our community formed several funds to help and that giving continues. Preachers and leaders spoke and we listened to messages that brought us together and worked to open our minds to a different perspective. These two men looked past their diversity and their different backgrounds, formed a bond and worked together against a common enemy, those who choose evil over good in our community. What would surely honor these two men would be a continued support of our police force and a purposeful effort to continue those bonds formed by all of us following a horrific crime. Throughout the memorials there has been a common theme - that the losses of officers Tate and Deen not be in vain. So as we celebrate this Memorial Day, let us not forget the common ground we have found, the bonds and conversations that have been started, the true leadership we have seen from our community's leaders and continue to work together to make the Pine Belt a better place for all our neighbors.

This is today's viewpoint.

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