Seat belts enforced during Memorial Day weekend

Seat belts enforced during Memorial Day weekend

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The Memorial Day weekend means many people will be traveling across the country, so law enforcement is reminding people to buckle up and drive safely.

Brent Barfield with the Mississippi Highway Patrol said seat belts save lives.

"A seat belt is designed to hold you in that vehicle, to harness you in that vehicle." Barfield said.

According to Triple A, seat belts saved more than 12,000 lives in 2012.

"There have been numerous accidents where if the individuals in the car had been wearing a seat belt, they would still be here today," Barfield added.

Barfield said wearing your seat belt is not an option, it's the law.

"If you're driving down the roadway and I see you're not wearing a seat belt, you're in violation of state law, and you can be cited for that." Barfield said.