USM expects to add fees for campus improvement, student life

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Students at The University of Southern Mississippi may experience some added fees.

The College Board approved on Thursday that two new fees are expected to be added. These include a $20-a-semester student activity fee and $35-a-semester capital improvement fee. The board must approve them again later.

The board said the capital fee will be used to improve facilities for student services and it plans to use $1.4 million to make renovations to the recreation center in Hattiesburg, as well as $1.6 million to improve facilities for student services.

The money collected from the fees will stay on the campus and are expected to bring in $1.32 million a year just on the Hattiesburg campus and $220,000 on the Gulf Park campus.

Late-night programming and expanded student health services are just a couple of the additional plans for the money.

USM is now the fifth university to add this fee.

Jackson State University will also collect these fees from all students, even from non-resident and online students.