DuBard School presents awards and honors graduates

DuBard School presents awards and honors graduates

The DuBard School held its annual awards day Wednesday and recognized its exceptional students and graduates.

The DuBard School is a division of the University of Southern Mississippi's Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences. It serves children ages four to 13 with language-speech disorders, deafness and hearing impairments, autism, and dyslexia. The curriculum is designed specially to improve the students' written and oral communication.

"It's like a home," said student Tucker Hart.

80 students were honored Wednesday for their improvements and achievements. Special awards for perfect attendance and consistent homework completion were handed out as well.

"We're very proud of their achievements," said Maureen Martin, DuBard School director.

15 students graduated and will return to their local school district in the fall. The staff encouraged the kids to remember all that they've learned at DuBard and to never give up.