Reigning Miss USM donates children's books to homeless shelter

Reigning Miss USM donates children's books to homeless shelter

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Hattiesburg's Field House for the Homeless has received a special going away gift from a recent Southern Miss graduate who is also the school's reigning Miss USM.

Hannah Roberts donated 1,000 children's books to that homeless shelter.

They come from her Pages of Love project, which she began 10 years ago.

Founders of the shelter say the books will be a part of their recently-opened children's area and will help keep kids entertained while their parents search for long-term housing.

"I just saw a need to distract a child from either a medical procedure, from a sickness, an illness and a book can really do that for anyone," said Hannah Roberts. "It can take you out of a situation you're in and give you more positive thoughts about something else," she said.

"When the children are out of school, the days are long and this will give them an escape, something positive to do during the day, as their parents progress in their homeless situation," said Cynthia Young, co-founder of the Field House for the Homeless.

Roberts graduated earlier this month and will begin medical school in the fall.