Drug/DUI Court graduates thankful for second chance

Drug/DUI Court graduates thankful for second chance

Graduates of the Forrest/Perry Adult Drug/DUI Court and Veterans Treatment Court proudly crossed the stage Monday as part of the commencement celebration.

33 people graduated from the program. They offered gratitude toward the Drug/DUI Court staff for their support and encouragement. Many of the graduates also thanked their families and friends for never giving up on them.

"Thank you for giving me my mom back," said one graduate's son.

"I know it's just the beginning of my journey," said one woman. "I have many goals for my life and I know I'm going to reach them."

The three-year program requires participants to attend weekly meetings, treatment, and to pass random drug tests. It is an alternative to incarceration and has proved to be very effective in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol.

"It's absolutely the most rewarding this I've ever done," said Judge Bob Helfrich. "To see the transformation in the individuals from the time they come in to when they graduate."