St. John’s Day School takes teaching outdoors

St. John’s Day School takes teaching outdoors

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - In Laurel, St. John's Day School K - 6th grade students are not only learning mathematics, reading and science, but they're also learning about healthy eating.

Students are learning about food and also growing and picking their own produce right inside their Incredible Edible Schoolyard.

"I want them to learn that they can grow their own food and they can harvest it, they can produce what they eat," said St. John's Day School Head Mistress Carolyn Stone. "That was an eye-opening experience for some of them because they thought everything came from the grocery store."

The idea for the edible schoolyard came when Lynda Posey attended a master class with American chef Alice Waters.

"She said, 'What is a Sysco truck doing, aren't we in the Delta of Mississippi? Why can't you and the teachers promote something like an edible schoolyard?"' said Founder of the Incredible Edible Schoolyard at St. John's Day School Lynda Posey.

Posey said that's when she was inspired to make a difference at her grandchildren's school. She developed the edible school yard three years ago.

"We have a hodgepodge of just about everything," said Posey. "We have flowers, we have a butterfly garden that is brand new and every year we add something different as we grown. We have vegetables, we have squash, cucumbers, 75 tomato plants."

"They have learned to pick and sell and just in the last two weeks we have made over a hundred dollars selling cucumbers and squash out in the front of the school," said Stone.

St. John's Day School thanks everyone who has helped with the Incredible Edible Schoolyard. They hope to continue helping improve the way children eat and think about food.

"Kids like hands-on activities and it gives them a chance to do some hands-on work, but it also gives them a chance to interact with adults in a really positive way," said Stone.