Friends hold fundraiser for brain cancer patient Bodhi Ronin

Friends hold fundraiser for brain cancer patient Bodhi Ronin
Bodhi Ronin. Photo source Fundly

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Friends gathered at Marlins Bar and Grill Saturday night to raise money for Bodhi Ronin who is suffering from not one, but two brain tumors.

Bohdi moved to Hattiesburg after 13 years in the service as a member of the Marine Corps

He found about the first tumor in October of 2014. That tumor was benign, but around eight weeks ago doctors discovered a second tumor which was cancerous.

Bodhi's friends sprung into action setting up a "Fundly" page where people can donate money for his medical expenses and surgery.

Destin Guillot is a friend of Bodhi and explained his reasoning for helping saying, "he's probably one of the greatest guy's you'll ever meet. He's willing to go above and beyond to help anybody out. So it's nice to finally be able to give back to him and help him out for once."

Rosie Knop is another close friend of Bodhi's and said "he is always just willing to help out." Knop is also responsible for setting up Bodhi's "Fundly" page.

Scott Pylant said that "the people from Hattiesburg are so willing to give, and everybody donated their time, they didn't ask for a dime and they were ready to donate."

Marlins owner Cory Cooley hosted the event and expressed his gratitude for the people who showed up saying "on a hot Sunday afternoon people had every excuse to stay inside but they didn't. They came out to support him."

Bodhi is just happy for all of the support that's been shown so far and he wants people to understand how appreciative he is. He said that he's "not used to the help, the love, and the good vibes coming in." He continued giving thanks saying "I'm not used to asking for help and my friends made sure I didn't have to. They said you've always been here for us, so we're going to return the favor and be there for you. "

At the time of writing this story Bodhi has received upward of 2,000 dollars on his "Fundly" page toward his ultimate goal of 100,000 dollars.

For more information on Bodhi and to donate to his medical expenses visit his Fundly page at this link.