May declared Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month for Laurel

May declared Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month for Laurel

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - May has been declared as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month for the City of Laurel.

Mayor Johnny Magee signed the proclamation Wednesday at the Hellfighters Motorcycle Shop. He encourages all citizens to be vigilant and watchful when approaching or passing a motorcycle on the road.

"Be aware that these motorcyclists are out there and you know we want to keep them safe," said Mayor Magee. "We have to be careful while they're around because they are not as easily seen as a big vehicle, but you know that's why we did the proclamation."

This proclamation means a lot to Bret Strickland who was hit by a vehicle last year in July while on his motorcycle. Strickland said since then he's had five surgeries on his leg and says he will not ride again.

"A lady pulled out right in front of me while I was going down the road and I hit her on her left front fender of her truck and it was just an unfortunate accident," said Strickland. "I know she didn't mean to do it on purpose or nothing like that, but you know it still broke my leg in 20 different places and its changed my life forever."

Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month also encourages motorcycle operators to wear their proper protective riding attire.