UPDATE: Officials search for murder weapon of HPD officers

UPDATE: Officials search for murder weapon of HPD officers
Officials search for the murder weapon used to kill two HPD officers.


Agents continued their search for the murder weapon in the shooting death of two Hattiesburg Police Officers today. Dive teams from Louisiana were brought in to comb areas along the Leaf River.

Divers spent hours in the water searching the shallow and deep portions of the river.

Authorities began their search yesterday after discovering they had not recovered the weapon used in the murder. Originally officers thought they had the weapon that was used, but further testing proved otherwise.

Investigators will now regroup and attempt to devise a plan to search other areas where the weapon could be located.



Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies spent the day putting together pieces of the puzzle that led to the shooting death of two Hattiesburg police officers.

Saturday night, officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate were gunned down in the line of duty on East 4th Street.

Curtis and Marvin Banks, Joaine Calloway and Cornelius Clark were all charged in connection to the crime. Marvin was charged with two counts of capital murder, grand larceny auto and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The weapon used in the shooting has not been recovered yet.

Members of the FBI Evidence Response Team were on hand with metal detectors as well as other resources, as agents combed the area near the Hattiesburg Train Depot rail yard.

Officers have spoken with Marvin in efforts to pinpoint the location where he allegedly tossed it.

Agents walked for hours along railroad tracks, as well as made their way through the wooded area surrounding the Buschman Street area.

Efforts today were unsuccessful, and agents will regroup and work up a plan to continue the search.