Pastor: "Liquori understood that dying was a part of living."

Pastor: "Liquori understood that dying was a part of living."

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Thousands attended the funeral service of fallen officer Liquori Tate.

Tate was gunned down last Saturday alongside his fellow officer Benjamin Deen at a routine traffic stop.

The service began with songs, prayer and worship as Tate's family entered the building.

Police officers from  as far as New York, California, and Louisiana came to pay their respects.

Featured speakers were Rep. David Myers, Mayor Johnny DuPree, and Officer Robert Magee.

When Mayor DuPree took to the podium, he recognized Tate's family, as well as the family of fallen Officer Benjamin Deen. He then directed his admiration to the Hattiesburg Police Department.

"We thank you for doing your job, and doing it well," said DuPree.

Robert Magee, a friend and fellow officer of Tate, had the attendees laughing with his memory of his friend.

"We asked him one day, how many tickets did you write Tate? He said, '13 courtesies, one citation.'"

Magee said that Tate wouldn't want people crying, that he would want them laughing.

Pastor Michael Williams spoke highly of Tate, saying that he knew the sacrifice he might have to make when he chose to become a police officer.

"Liquori understood that dying was a part of living," said Williams.

Pastor Vern Ross, Tate's Uncle, said that he entered heaven as something he always wanted to be, a police officer.

"He did not enter eternal life as Coco (Tate), no," said Ross, who was choking back tears. "He entered as Officer Tate."

The last pastor to speak, Dennis Johnson, recalled Tate's chilling last words before death.

"Liquori asked, 'Am I dying'" said Johnson. "I will answer for you, Liquori. You are not, live on. You have done the best you can, and we are proud of you."

The song "Stand" was then sung, bringing the entire room to their feet in praise.

As Tate's body was escorted out of the building, the song "How Great is our God" rang throughout the room. HPD officers carried flowers and walked beside the family as the procession began.

Thousands lined Hwy 98 to pay their respects to Tate as he exited Hattiesburg to his final resting place.

Tate will be buried at a cemetery in Starkville, the town where he was born.