Fellow officers remember two fallen officers

Fellow officers remember two fallen officers

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - As the community continues to mourn two Hattiesburg police officers fallen in the line of duty, those who knew them best remembered them at memorial service in Hattiesburg Monday for paying the ultimate sacrifice.

"Deen and Tate family, you get a chance to come and see the people that your sons, your father, and your husband didn't know they were protecting, and those people that they didn't know they were protecting say thank you for allowing them to do that," Mayor Johnny Dupree said.

Governor Phil Bryant said their service will never be forgotten.

"The dedication of the men and women who wear that badge is strong," Governor Bryant said.

Officer Chris Johnson said he and his fellow officers are all like family.

"We're like brothers and sisters seeing each other, hugging each other, giving comforting words, keeping God first because without him we wouldn't be able to sustain,"

Officer Johnson said .Assistant Chief, Frank Misenhelter said it's a difficult time for the force.

"We're grieving, our community is grieving, our police family is grieving," Misenhelter said.During the ceremony these words were spoken to the family.

"To the family of Tate, please find comfort in the memory of your son and our brother. I just want to say to the family. I was working with him that night. Sorry there was nothing I could do," fellow officer said. "God loves you We love you, this community loves you. God Bless," Mayor Dupree said.