Parents and friends of fallen officers remember their loved ones

Parents and friends of fallen officers remember their loved ones

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Youlander Ross said every time she spoke with her son, Officer Liquori Tate, their conversation always ended the same.

"Every time I texted or every time I called, he would always end with I love you son and he would always say I love you momma," Ross said.

Ross said her son always had dreams of becoming a police officer. It was dream that she supported but also feared."I said ok son we're going to pray about it and pray you get accepted," Ross explained.

When Officer Tate joined the force, Ross said she often feared for her son's safety.

"I prayed always for him every day Lord, protect him. Keep him out of harm's way," Ross added.

Ross said she never thought her worst fear would become a reality, but through such unimaginable pain, she will forgive those responsible.

"If I could face the people who did this to my son, I would let them know you took something very valuable away from me, but in that I will still forgive you. You took my baby," Ross said.

Alonte Tate said her brother loved to joke with her, but most importantly, he was her protector.

"He used to dance around and always dance to blues music. He always looked out for me, telling me how to be cautious," Alonte said.

In the downtown of Sumrall, Office Benjamin Deen was remembered as a hometown hero.

"He's been in our family, and it just sickens me to know something like this has happened," a family friend said.

Many remember Officer Deen as a loving father and husband who cherished his family.

"He was a good person and a good father," a family friend added."It's one of those things that you hope never happens to one of you own, let alone someone else," a Sumrall resident said.

As the community continues to mourn the fallen officers, many say they'll remember for their brave service to the community.