Oak Grove student arrested after bringing gun to school

Oak Grove student arrested after bringing gun to school

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A student at Oak Grove High School is facing felony charges after bringing a gun on campus Friday.

"A student was detained by our school resource officers in class after it was brought to the attention of administrators about a handgun in a backpack," said Lamar County Superintendent Tess Smith.

According to Smith, the student with the gun told another student about it and then it was reported to administrators.

"The weapon was never displayed at or to anyone in the class, and it had no ammunition or no clip present with the weapon," said Smith. "Regardless of the circumstances of the weapon, the student has been punished by the fullest extent of our disciplinary action," said Smith.

The students name is not being released, due to the fact the student is a minor.

Smith added that officers and faculty followed policy and the student was secured and taken into custody.

The student was transported to the Jones County Juvenile Detention Center by members of the Lamar County Sheriff's Department.

School officials are working with the Lamar County Youth Court for prosecution on the matter. The student was arrested and a detention order has been issued by the Lamar County Youth Court for the juvenile.

"A letter was sent out to parents, as well as a follow up phone call to inform them of the incident and the letter that was sent," said Smith. "Everything we did, and the punishment that was delivered is to continue to secure the safety of all of our students," said Smith.