Forget sympathy; Cancer survivor creates empathy cards

Forget sympathy; Cancer survivor creates empathy cards

Los Angeles, California - Many people struggle to come up with the right words to say to a loved one who has been diagnosed with a serious illness.

Emily McDowell, a popular blogger and cancer survivor, created a candid and honest line of empathy cards in hopes of creating an authentic way to communicate with those suffering from sickness. According to McDowell, those who don't know what to say oftentimes say the wrong thing without realizing it, or nothing at all.

"Get well soon cards don't make sense when someone might not. Sympathy cards can make people feel like you think they're already dead," said McDowell in her blog. "With Empathy Cards, my goal is to help people connect with each other through truth and insight, which is one of the founding principles of this brand. I want the recipients of these cards to feel seen, understood, and loved."

McDowell was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's lymphoma at the age of 24. After nine months of chemo and radiation, she went into remission and has been cancer free ever since.

According to McDowell, greeting cards have never been more relevant or important to those battling a sickness.

"A card resonates in a way that email and text can't. It's a personal, simple, tangible way to be present for someone struggling with illness,"said McDowell.

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