Joe's Viewpoint: New Texting and Driving law

Joe's Viewpoint: New Texting and Driving law

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - We ran a story last week concerning the new texting and driving law signed by the governor in March. The law prohibits driving while writing, reading or sending texts or social media posts on a wireless device.

And the new law has come under some scrutiny. For example, the Brandon police chief says that the law is too cumbersome to enforce - requiring his officers to carry a separate book of tickets and adjudication in Justice Court rather than Civil where other tickets are handled.

Whether or not other local law enforcement around the state will pursue these violations once it becomes the law on July 1, we will have to see. The penalty is twenty-five dollars in the first year and one-hundred dollars after that.

What is good is that Mississippi has finally joined the ranks and adopted a texting while driving law.

Too many accidents are caused by distracted driving and cell phones are certainly a big cause. And while the new law is not perfect, it is a start. Maybe a higher penalty or a hands-free only law is in order.

Since your MS senators or representatives represent you, I encourage you to contact them about what you would like to see in the way of texting and driving legislation in our future.

This is today's viewpoint.