Pine Belt residents react to Baltimore mom beating son

Pine Belt residents react to Baltimore mom beating son

The video of Baltimore mom, Toya Graham beating her son for having a rock in his hand in the midst of the Baltimore protest has gone viral, so we asked residents if the mother overreacted.

Lisa Burnette said she thinks the mom handled the situation correctly.

“I think she did great as a parent, no matter how old they are,” Burnette said.

C.J. Edwards said the mother went a little too far.

"That's taking it a little too far, you know there's a fine line between crazy and doing it right," Edwards explained.

We asked parents what how they would have responded in that situation.

"I got 3 boys and If I ever catch mines out there, I'm beating the hell out of them," Temisha Abney said.

"I would've gone out there and wrapped him upside his head just like she did," another parent added.

"I would've done the same thing, if it would've been me," a mother explained.

Many of the people we spoke to said it was just tough love.

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