Laurel’s DQ helps family of former employee

Laurel’s DQ helps family of former employee

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - It's been less than 3 weeks since Isaac Holloway was killed in a two-vehicle accident in Jones County.

Holloway was on his way to work Saturday April 11, but unfortunately he never made it to his job at Dairy Queen.

"He was just so young and had so much going for him and very, very sweet," said DQ cashier Rhonda Long. "It was just a heartbreaking thing."

Laurel's Dairy Queen employees said Holloway was like family which is why on Thursday they decided to give 15 percent of all of their proceeds to his family.

"I hope it just shows how he helped us," said DQ manager Kasey Maxcey. "We thank his family for bringing him up well and teaching him respect and morals because it touched a lot of our lives as well."

"He enjoyed getting up and going to work and coming in and serving everybody and he loved everybody here and they've just been so kind," said Holloway's mother, Teresa Holloway. "I know he would have been so proud of the way they've been doing, I just appreciate them so much."

Teresa Holloway thanks everyone who stopped by to contribute and she also thanks Dairy Queen for the love they have for her son.

"We're here for his family, we'll be here for his family throughout the end," said Maxcey. "He'll never be forgotten, he's always going to be here at Dairy Queen."

From open until 11 p.m. Thursday, 15 percent of all the proceeds will go to help Holloway's family.

Isaac Holloway's family said the money donated to them will go towards his funeral expenses and will also help to buy his headstone.