Lamar County deputies participate in advanced training

Lamar County deputies participate in advanced training
LCSO training day

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - Members of the Lamar County Sheriff's Department polished their skills by participating in advanced service training on Tuesday.

"We train once a month in different things that we come across, but this is specialized training where we do scenarios in high risk traffic stops, domestic cases. You know law enforcement is a constantly changing thing and things can change in just a minute and if you are not aware of it, and prepared to address it, it could turn out bad," Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel.

Officers participated in a number of scenarios that can change at the drop of hat strictly off their actions.

This training is a little different from other methods, not that the actors are set up to make the officers fail, but they are there to expose weaknesses.

"We are thinking of every scenario that we possibly can, and making it very realistic, the realism puts the officers in a little more stressful mode, but that's what is going to happen when they are out on the street," said Rigel.

Traffic stops, suspect apprehension, domestic disturbances, and felony suspect arrests are just a few of the scenarios officers trained with at the Lamar County Sheriff's Department Training Academy.

"It brings up the heart rate, it brings up the stress level, it gets it as close to real world as we can get without actually firing live rounds," said Lt. Jason Kessler.

Participants in the training noted the many times a traffic stop, or just something that should be routine can go horribly wrong.

"The training is a reminder of some things we forget, we have all been trained in, but we forget from time to time and it is designed to keep us from getting into a mode of complacency," said Kessler.

The department keeps track of all training records along with logging in hours and days of each deputy with cycling through all the members of the department.

At the end of the day, with training and hard work, the department and the officers have the same goal.

"We can be doing better, to make sure we go home at night and end on a successful safe note," said Kessler.