Pine Belt fuel prices rise overnight

Pine Belt fuel prices rise overnight

MISSISSIPPI (WDAM) - Gas prices may be on the rise again for Mississippi residents.

According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, a gallon of regular gas sold for $2.30 Monday, but by Tuesday morning, that same gallon of gas sold for $2.34. Although it seems like a small bump, experts say it could be the beginning of a trend.

Michael Green, manager at AAA Public Relations, said for the first time in more than four months gas prices have climbed above $2.50 per gallon on a national level.

"Average prices have now increased by 15 cents per gallon in just two weeks," according to Green.

Mississippi costs continue to stay below the national average of $2.54, but even the southern states aren't protected from the continuous rise. In March, a regular gallon of gas in Mississippi was being sold for $2.17.

However, the 2015 prices are still far below the averages from last year. In April 2014, a gallon of gas cost consumers $3.48 in Mississippi, while national prices were $3.69.

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