Greater PineBelt Community Foundation gives more than $3,500 to animal shelter

Greater PineBelt Community Foundation gives more than $3,500 to animal shelter

 This is a news release from The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation

The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation granted $3,584.97 to the Southern Pines Animal Shelter this year as a part of an annual disbursement established by the Richard C. Vreeland Endowment Fund.

"Southern Pines Animal Shelter is excited and amazed at the wonderful new things happening for homeless and displaced pets in our community." said Southern Pines Animal Shelter Manager, Ginny Sims, "For the fifth month in a row, we have reached a live release rate greater than 90%, which is an all time high for our shelter. We have implemented new programs, built our volunteer and foster programs, reached out to create new partnerships, and are truly saving more lives than ever before."

The grant originated from an endowment established with the PineBelt Community Foundation following the death of local community leader Dr. Richard Vreeland. Since 2003, the fund has contributed annually to Southern Pines Animal Shelter.

"Dr. Vreeland loved animals and knew that he wanted to give a gift that would give to the Shelter forever," said Theresa Erickson, Executive Director of the PineBelt Community Foundation. "An important feature of endowed funds is that because of the pooling of assets, there is a better return on your investment. That is, the Richard Vreeland Fund is invested with another $3 million; therefore, it grows at a faster pace than it would if it were invested on its own. In addition, anyone can add to the endowment providing everlasting support of Southern Pines Animal Shelter."

"The cost of saving lives, especially for those who have come to us sick, injured, and in need of extra care, is high, and Southern Pines depends on donations like this one to make the biggest impact possible." Sims added. We are so thankful to have such a supportive community, since none of these successes could be achieved without the support of our adopters, donors, volunteers, partners, or community members."

"The funds donated through the Richard Vreeland Fund will allow us to continue our life-saving work to provide healing and shelter to animals searching for their second chance. It takes every one of us to truly make a difference for the animals in our community, and together we are making that difference every day." said Sims.

The Greater PineBelt Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves as a vehicle for individuals and organizations who want to enhance their community forever.

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