South Central Regional Medical Center hosts Well Doll Clinic

South Central Regional Medical Center hosts Well Doll Clinic

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Kindergarten and 1st grade children attended Well Doll Clinic on Thursday at South Central Regional Medical Center in Laurel.

The kids brought their dolls and stuffed animals to the hospital and practiced typical procedures on them. First, they started out by watching a movie about being admitted to the hospital. Then each "baby" was given an identification arm band, weighed, and measured.

It's all about helping kids overcome any anxiety that they may have about being admitted to a hospital. Being there with their favorite doll or stuffed animal as the patient, let's them see that hospitals and staff are not as frightful as imagined. Kelsey Culpepper, a Pediatric nurse at the hospital, says that the Well Doll Clinic is a way of showing these kids that the hospital and staff are here to help, not hurt them.

"This program is very important in a sense that children come to the hospital and experience the hospital when they are not sick, because to me, when kids come in and they've never been to a hospital before, it's a really scary place," said Culpepper "When they come in and they're not sick, they get to touch things, kind of like their baby doll gets to be the patient, not them, so this Well Doll Clinic helps to alleviate some of their fear."

South Central Regional Medical Center has been hosting the Well Doll Clinic for nearly 28-years.