TBT: Purvis tornado April 24, 1908

TBT: Purvis tornado April 24, 1908

PURVIS, MS (WDAM) - April 24, 1908, was a dark day for the city of Purvis.

Storm clouds lay over the entire coast 107 years ago, and eventually produced four separate storms in which over 200 people were killed, according to a report from the McCain Library of Archives at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Around 2:00 p.m. a funnel cloud formed and began to touch down on the town.

According to the report in the McCain Archives, the force of the storm moved the train depot across the railroad tracks and toppled railroad cars. In the reported three minute length of the storm's destruction, a majority of the 125 residences were severely damaged or completely destroyed, the business district was leveled, and more than 50 people were killed.

The town recovered quickly from the destruction, but 61 lives were lost in the storm.

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