Downtown Columbia prepares for new addition

Downtown Columbia prepares for new addition

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The city of Columbia will have a new educational and tourism area opening behind city hall.

In the original budget for the Pearl River Interpretive Plaza, electrical additions to the area were not taken into account. MS Power Community Connections volunteered by digging holes to support pipes for the future electrical wiring.

"We have a group called MS Power Community Connections and our Community Connections does community projects; we thought Columbia would be a good time to do something over here since the tornado in December," said Benny Prestridge, MS Power Pearl River District Manager. "When they built the project, they didn't have enough money to put in the lights. We're putting in the conduit, we're putting in the time and labor to put in the conduit, and the city's paying for the conduit so the lights can be added at a later time."

The Interpretive Plaza will feature a scale model of the Pearl River Basin from Choctaw County to the Gulf of Mexico. The model will use flowing water from the nearby Artesian well and show major landmarks along the river such as the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

The project is designed to improve the economic and community development area by stimulating tourism, education and existing industry in the state.

The plaza is scheduled to be completed by Mid-August.