Nurse saves man's life in Hattiesburg parking lot

Nurse saves man's life in Hattiesburg parking lot

It was a scary moment for Ronnie Simmons and his wife Melinda when Simmons collapsed in the parking lot of Sam's Club on Hwy 98 in Hattiesburg back in March.

Simmons and his wife Melinda decided to do a little shopping, when Ronnie began feeling sick.

"He said I'm going to walk to the car and let you check out," Melinda said.

As Simmons was walking to his car, he collapsed in the parking lot after having a heart attack.  Frightened onlookers rushed to his aid including registered nurse Curtis "Miles" Hinton.

"When I approached, I noticed he was not breathing, so I checked for a pulse, he did not have a pulse," Hinton said.

Hinton knew the situation was dire, so he began administering CPR.

"I continued to do CPR and after a couple of minutes of that, I checked for a pulse again and tried to arouse Mr. Simmons," Hinton added.

Moments later, Simmons' wife Melinda, walked out of the store and saw all of the commotion surrounding her husband.

"As I walked out, I saw that they were crowded around my car. I took off running, then I Saw Ronnie laying flat on his back," Melinda said.

Nearly 10 minutes had passed, but Mr. Simmons showed no sign of life.

"I remember them putting a defibrillator on his chest, and then later the fireman came over and said we have a pulse," Melinda said.

Simmons said he still can't seem to wrap his mind around such a frightening experience. He said he is thankful for a second chance, and the man he calls his guardian angel.

"The odds of him sitting in a car a row away. God had the right people at the right place at the right time," 

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