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Saturday evening severe weather breakdown

Right now, we are tracking a handful of non-severe storms, but that will likely change in the next few hours. Don't be surprised if you see some heavy rain, gusty winds and some lightning with the storms between 4pm and 8pm.

Short-range models suggest a few severe storms will be likely as we head toward sundown area wide. This would be between 6pm and 9pm. The main threats will be heavy rain, strong straight-line (non-tornadic) wind, small hail and frequent lightning. While a tornado cannot be ruled out, the main concerns are for the above mentioned. Again, these storms will be isolated and we may only see one or two exceed "severe" limits.

After sundown there is some concern as we head toward midnight and early tomorrow morning some of our southern counties may have an increased risk of severe storms. It looks like most of the area may still be battling passing showers and thunderstorms, but our southeastern counties may see the best combination of elements to produce more severe weather. Again the concerns will be heavy rain, strong winds hail, and lightning. But between 9pm and 3am for Greene, Perry, Stone and George counties may also have to deal with an increased risk for an isolated tornado or two.

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