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Local Girl Scout Troop creates song to push Don't Text and Drive Campaign

Troop 6236 Troop 6236

Local Girl Scout Troop 6236 has already made a political statement, and now they want to make their message viral. Wednesday, the girls went to city hall to meet with Mayor DuPree about their Don't Text and Drive Campaign. They would now like the rest of the world to see their message.

“I am the oldest sibling; I have two younger siblings and I know that I would like to be safer around them,” said Ella Lauderdale, 7th grader. “I would like my parents to be safe around me, and I would like my siblings and friends to be safe around their siblings and friends and me.”

The girls came up with a catchy song to remind people not to text and drive. They plan on posting the video on YouTube, with the hope of saving lives. The video can currently be seen on the Girl Scouts of Greater Mississippi Facebook page.

Some of the lyrics to the song include: I texted you again and...  next thing I know I know I'm in a pond. Now I'm gone, now I'm gone. Now all you have left is this song.

“My favorite part is the last part where it's like, ‘now you're in the pond' because it's kind of getting the message that texting and driving is really dangerous and you could die from it,” said 6th grader Allana Newman, song writer. “You don't want to do it because you put others in danger, and yourself.”

Within the next week, the troop plans to bring The Red Thumb Project to local high schools. The goal is paint everyone's thumbnails red to remind people not to text and drive.


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