Suspect leaves wallet at scene of Lamar County crime

Suspect leaves wallet at scene of Lamar County crime
Alvin Gamble

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A misplaced wallet brought a surprise ending to an auto burglary suspect's crime spree.

A Hattiesburg man is behind bars in connection with a pair of early morning auto burglaries in Lamar County.

Alvin Gamble, 25, was arrested early Thursday morning on Steelman Road in Lamar County and charged with two counts of auto burglary.

According to Lamar County Sheriff Danny Rigel, just before 3 a.m. Thursday a black male, dressed in all black with dreadlocks attempted to kick in a door to a home on Steelman Road.

"It woke up the homeowners and when they looked outside, they saw a black male with dreads and noticed their cars had been broken into," said Rigel.

According to Rigel, the victims were missing a set of keys and a wallet, however a wallet was found in the vehicle belonging to Alvin Gamble.

"Shortly after officers spoke with the victims, they then stopped a vehicle on Steelman road and it was Gamble, who actually had the victim's wallet from the crime scene in his back pocket," said Rigel.

Gamble is currently housed at the Lamar County Jail.