Spay and Neuter Clinic fixes feral cats with grant

Spay and Neuter Clinic fixes feral cats with grant

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Pet Smart Charities is paying for approximately 300 surgeries to help eliminate the over-population of feral cats and kittens. Feral cats live outdoors in family groups called communities. They are fully capable of having the same life span of an indoor cat, but are not socialized and cannot be brought into homes.

“This grant is for community cats that are kind of loosely owned,” said Dr. Alicia Hatch, medical director at Southern Pines Spay and Neuter Clinic. "Maybe somebody feeds them but they don't have a home that they go into at night."

To get a neighborhood cat spayed or neutered, bring it into the Hattiesburg Spay and Neuter Clinic in a feral trap. Basic paperwork will need to be handled, and the cat will be able to return to its neighborhood the next day.

“We do rent [traps] out if you don't have one of your own,” Hatch said. “They will get their ear tipped, it sort of identifies them in the community; their left ear has a little tip on it, so it looks a little different. It identifies them to the community that they are altered and they don't need to come back and have the surgery.”

Spayed and neutered cats tend to do less spraying and noise making and they can be happier and healthier animals.

“These cats are thriving on their own, in our community either by our support, giving them food, or they have some food from somewhere,” Dr. Alicia Hatch said. “They live kind of like the squirrels and the raccoons; they have a habitat, they know where they need to be, and we just help control the population by altering them.”

For more information, contact the clinic at 601.544.5678