Group to present Bellevue incorporation plans soon

Group to present Bellevue incorporation plans soon
The official logo for the proposed incorporated community. Photo Source Bellevue, MS Facebook page
The official logo for the proposed incorporated community. Photo Source Bellevue, MS Facebook page

LAMAR COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - A group of people, who are unnamed at this time, will present plans in May to incorporate the now-community of Bellevue in Lamar County, according to county supervisor Phillip Carlisle.

Carlisle said the group will present their "well organized" effort to the Lamar County Board of Supervisors at the board's May 4 meeting.

This announcement will come just a few weeks after Hattiesburg City Council President Kim Bradley officially stated his plans to annex the Highway 98 business corridor that reaches into Bellevue.

Carlisle previously stated he and the board would object any effort by the city to annex more parts of Lamar County, yet he also said he supports Bellevue's attempt to break off from the county into their own city.

"I don't think I would have any problem working with a council of Bellevue or a mayor of Bellevue," he explained about his constituents' efforts to incorporate.

Although Carlisle is keeping the members of this project confidential, as well as much of the details of the project, there are live Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages promoting the proposed city, including an official city logo and the hashtag #bellevuems

"The thing I like about the committee as I hang around them is they move forward as a committee; it's not one person's agenda," said Carlisle. "They make decisions together and move forward together."

Carlisle said the incorporation plans include a 15 square mile radius of the Hwy. 589/98 intersection, which includes most of District 4 as well as parts of District 5. He did not specify all of the subdivisions that would fit this area, but he did say it would include Canebrake and Bellegrass, which sit on either side of Hwy. 98.

"It wouldn't look like any strip incorporation," explained Carlisle. "This group seems to think the people who live around the corridor of 589 and 98, not only do they want to live in nice places and be a part of a nice community, they also want a say-so on what goes on on the corridor."

According to the project's Twitter account (@BellevueMS), there will be an informational booth set up at the Dragonfly Festival on April 25 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the Bellegrass subdivision.