Laurel Police Department gives safety tips to students

Laurel Police Department gives safety tips to students

LAUREL, MS (WDAM) - Prom is a night of fun for all who attend, but it's important to keep safety in mind.

The Laurel Police Department was at Laurel High School on Monday, to encourage students to practice safety while attending prom to ensure getting safely back home.

There are a few things presented to the students to consider such as following curfews and avoiding alcohol and drugs. Other dangers are speeding cars and drunk drivers. Alcohol is the most commonly used drug among adolescents; nearly 4 out of 5 students have consumed alcohol by their senior year of high school.

The Prom Safety Program wasn't just for the students however, it was also for the parents. They were encouraged to have all contact numbers for all the friends that are going to the prom together.

The students were also encouraged to use the buddy system. It is a way where a few close friends maintain close contact with each other while at the event.

If separating from the group while at the prom, pick a time and a place to meet back up. Students were encouraged to get the phone number to the Laurel Police Department in case if an emergency. Keeping safe, following a few rules while following the law can help in getting the student home safe and sound.