2015 Art Walk takes over downtown Hattiesburg

2015 Art Walk takes over downtown Hattiesburg
Art Walk 2015 takes over downtown. Photo Source WDAM

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Downtown Hattiesburg hosted the 2015 Art Walk Saturday night. The event returned this year after controversy over last year's event.

Many Pine Belt residents filled the streets to see over 60 pieces of art work from 25 local artist.

Before the Art walk began, abstract artist Andrea Kostyal explained the impact of the Art walk returning saying "It's going to have a great impact, you're going to see a huge difference because a lot of people are going come."

Vixon Sullivan also gave an opinion saying "I think art is one of those things that brings people together, I mean everyone comes here just to view art."

During the art walk, artist were able to give their opinion including Amanda Sanford, James Davis, and Bobby Walters.

Sandford was happy with the turnout saying "This is the first art walk to get things where they used to be and we're hopeful that the next art walk in the fall will be even better". "I can't say enough good things about people coming out to see art work " said art walk veteran and artist James Davis.

75 year old artist Bobby Walters was especially happy with the event saying "we feel like we have something to give and we're willing to get out there work and make it work, and we have been working as an organization and as individual artist so that's basically all I can say about it."

The executive director of the Historic Hattiesburg Downtown Association Andrea Saffle had no issues with the event as was satisfied saying "It's a great opportunity for people to come out and see the culture we have downtown."

The next art walk will be held in the fall. For more information on the artist mentioned above and for more information on Downtown Hattiesburg click on the links below.

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