Grace Learning Center unveils new outdoor play area

Grace Learning Center unveils new outdoor play area

FORREST COUNTY (WDAM) - The Grace Learning Center at the South Forrest Attendance Center celebrated a new, interactive activity area for children.

"It's exciting; we actually started two years ago," said Kay Boone, Director at Grace Learning Center. "We built this place center by center and we're really excited this year to bring it outside."

The area will be for GLC's preschool children, who attend with their parents Wednesday's and Thursday's. South Forrest Attendance Center, along with community members will also be able to utilize the play area.

"Out of our rec' money, we (the Board of Supervisors) were able to help the Grace Learning Center & South Forrest Attendance Center to be able to develop this playground," said Chris Bowen, District 5 Supervisor. "Good Healthy bodies go along with good healthy minds, and we're just so happy that the citizens and taxpayers of the county were able to participate."

The space features a slide, golfing areas, places to play music, blow bubbles, along with several other various activities.

"Well the supervisors started our funding with $3000 and with that we were able to buy basically the flooring, the mulch, and the padding stuff we needed," Boone said. "We wanted to be interactive, and music is so much an important part with children," said Boone. "We've come up with our own musical instruments; a xylophone, our homemade music wall, that pots and pans, just a lot of fun things for the kids to do."