Boyfriend brings prom to date's hospital bedside

Boyfriend brings prom to date's hospital bedside

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - A Hattiesburg High School student spent his Senior Prom night by his girlfriend's side in a local hospital.

Victor McDonald and Rayven LeFlore have been dating for months when the incident that landed her in the hospital occurred.

"As far as what happened we aren't sure, and we are praying for answers," said LeFlore's aunt Tawana Brown.

The Hattiesburg Police Department reported on March 18 that LeFleur had been assaulted and the crime is currently under investigation.

McDonald said his number one priority is to make sure LeFlore gets better.

"Anything I can do for her I will do. Until she fully recovers," said McDonald.

McDonald goes to the hospital every day to visit LeFlore, and on their prom night he brought the dance to her.

"I dressed up and wore a shirt with our picture on it. It had her favorite colors on it: pink, black, zebra print," said McDonald. "On the back it said pray for Rayven and get well soon."

McDonald said he just wanted to make her smile.

"I honestly got nervous, trembled and was shaking when I was going into her room to give her the corsage," said McDonald.

McDonalds' family said the prom night was a surprise to all of them.

"The moment he walked in on prom night she gave him a big smile and a thumbs-up," said Brown. "He was nervous almost like a proposal; It was very cute."

"It was a very proud moment for me to see her happy reaction," said McDonald.

McDonald and LeFlore's family are happy for all of the support they have been receiving at this tough time.

"Her family is there every day with her, and she always has someone with her," said McDonald. "That's important and I am so grateful for everyone showing their love to her."

Click HERE to donate to Rayven's Fund for recovery.