Ohio students volunteering for Columbia tornado clean up

Ohio students volunteering for Columbia tornado clean up

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Dozens of high school students from Northern Ohio are spending their spring break in South Mississippi, volunteering for tornado clean up in Columbia.

81 students from Elyria Catholic High School have spent the last two days removing storm debris.

"It just makes you feel better," said Max Wolford, a senior at the school. "It kind of helps you sleep better at night, knowing that you helped someone else," he said.

"You have a roof over your head and clothes on you back, why shouldn't you help somebody else who doesn't have those things," said Danielle Swanson, another senior. "And honestly, it's just the best experience that I could have imagined," she said.

Wednesday, the volunteers helped remove a couple of fallen trees from Maurice Aikens' property on Jims Road.

Aikens lost his home when a tornado struck Marion County last December. He's in the process of rebuilding.

"I really appreciate the help, I really needed it at this time," said Aikens.

The students' work is being coordinated through an organization known as the National Relief Network.