Deadline to file taxes quickly approaching

Deadline to file taxes quickly approaching

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - The deadline to file federal and state taxes is just over a week away.

"Usually it's those with more complex tax returns, and people who have tax money they owe; they usually procrastinate until the last minute," said Jimmy Ellzey of Jackson Hewitt.

With the April 15 deadline a week away, those who haven't filed or requested an extension will be getting a penalty.

"You can do the extension; there won't be a penalty then, but if you owe any taxes you'll accumulate interest," said Ellzey. "The IRS always likes for you to pay what you can or what you estimate your tax liability will be by April 15, but doing the extension will eliminate the penalty."

To request an Automatic Extension of Time to File, or Form 4868, go to the IRS website or stop by a local tax office.

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