Pine Belt program helps grandparents raising grandchildren

Pine Belt program helps grandparents raising grandchildren

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - If you're a grandparent raising a grandchild here in the Pine Belt, then there is an organization available to you for support.

The Pinebelt Association for Families, or P.A.F.F. for short, is currently helping 75 families in Covington, Forrest, Jones and Smith counties. The group promotes healthy living programs, nutrition programs as well as exercise programs.

Custodial grandparents or direct relatives ages 55 to 83-years-old can participate with kids ranging three to 17-years-old.

Linda Jordan, P.A.F.F. participant said, "Well this program is a good program because of the fact that it gives that grandparent an opportunity to get out instead of being confined in their home taking care of that grandchild all of the time. It gives them an outreach so that they can get a mental thing for themselves and have a great self esteem for themselves."

The program recently went before the Forrest County Board of Supervisors thanking them for their continued support from their annual budget.