First rebuilt home completed and dedicated by Columbia Strong

First rebuilt home completed and dedicated by Columbia Strong

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - Columbia Strong held its first home rebuild dedication since the tornado on December 23.

"Thank God, praise God for everybody that he sent to help me get my house back," said home owner Jean Abram

Seventy-year-old Abram is now the owner of this new Columbia Strong home.

"Bless y'all for helping me get back safe and sound," said Abram. "Y'all will definitely be in my heart and prayer."

Columbia Strong paired with Christian Aid Ministries to make the rebuilding of Abram's home possible.

"It has been nice to see her going from such devastation to hope after the storm," said Columbia Strong Case Management Worker Maggie Ingram.

Ingram witnessed the devastation to Abrams home days after the twister tore through Columbia.

"I might get a emotional. A couple of days after the storm we were doing assessments and this is one of my roads that I had," said Ingram. "I remember just seeing Ms. Jean and her family in their cars surrounded my rumble and I was immediately heartbroken for them."

Christian Aid Ministries Project Manager James Lengacher said this dedication could not have been on a better day.

"We tried to have this dedication on Tuesday, then Wednesday, and nothing was coming together," said Lengacher. "I believe it was in God's hands that we do it on this Friday, which is Good Friday."

Columbia Strong is working on eight other rebuilds. Ingram said Pearl River Valley Opportunity and Lowes also helped make this rebuild possible.