Prom season raising concerns over distracted drivers

Prom season raising concerns over distracted drivers

With prom season now underway in the Pine Belt, distracted driving is a major concern for law enforcement.

According to Brent Barfield with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, parents should talk with their kids about safety while driving.

"We can't put aside the fact that we have to stay vigilant or teach our kids to stay vigilant when they're in the operator's seat of a motor vehicle," Barfield said.

Triple recently released a study that shows teenagers are doing a lot more behind the wheel than driving.

"We have to constantly remind them to wear their seat belt, be aware of their speed, and conscience about the people that's in the vehicle with them," Barfield added.

Barfield urges students to drive smart. He said he doesn't want to knock on anyone's door with tragic news. 

"I can remember the very first door that I had to knock on. When I lay down at night, I still hear that mother screaming, and that never goes away." Barfield added.