Seminary students learn about dating violence before going to prom

Seminary students learn about dating violence before going to prom

SEMINARY, MS (WDAM) - The Seminary Police Department held Operation Lifesaver Thursday morning.

"It's an event to try to save the life of one student, to cause them to make good choices especially during this time of the year," said Chief Michael Kelly.  

With prom being Friday, the department decided to have a prevention educator and victim advocate come speak to the high school students.

"We brought in Riley Herrin from The Shafer Center and she had a very powerful story of what happened in her life of being sexually assaulted as a child," said Chief Kelly.

Herrin told students she was sexually assaulted by her stepfather from the age of 5 until 11. 

"I was sexually assaulted at least two to three times a day, but I only counted once just for kind of a basic number and so if I only counted one sexual assault for everyday that I was there it was a little over 2,000 times that I had been sexually assaulted," said Herrin.  

Herrin also spoke to students about dating violence and gave tips on how to receive help.

"We do see a lot of teen dating violence when prom season comes around," said Herrin. "There is no neutral with violence, we're all involved whether we want to be or not and the only way we can end violence is for all of us to start being more involved and being proactive with our choices."

"We want them to know that they do not have to be a victim of domestic violence or dating violence that there's ways that they can get out of that situation and there's people who want to help them and support them and love them and we want the teens to be able to have a night and have no regrets," said Chief Kelly.

The Seminary Police department will be having an after the prom party Friday. They invite students to stop by Gigi's and enjoy free coffee and sweets.