Jones county teen losing eyesight receives special lenses overseas

Jones county teen losing eyesight receives special lenses overseas

Kayla Mosely, 19, battles a rare eye condition that blurs her vision.

“My connective tissue disorder is Ehler's Danos.  It makes the tissues thin, my joints are loose, Mosely said.

Mosely's tissue disorder combined with a condition called keratoconus was destroying her eyesight. Doctors in the U.S. suggested that she travel to the Netherlands for a procedure to help with her vision loss, but when she arrived, Kayla received some unexpected news.

“We found out that my eyes had stabilized which was unbelievable because in the past year, it had progressed so rapidly, the thinning of my cornea, so the doctor decided to postpone the surgery,” Kayla added.

Kayla's vision is at nearly 100 percent, and she said she's able to do things that she thought would be impossible.

“I love the mountains. That's my favorite spot, I cannot wait to go,” Kayla said.

The lenses aren't a permanent fix.

“There is a chance that the thinning could start progressing again, and at the time, she would need to have the surgery,” Kayla's mother, Dianna said.

Kayla's family said they're all thankful for the positive results they received overseas.

“To come back and have those kinds of results, we just thank God. We feel like this is an answer to prayer,” Kayla's dad Lamar said.