MHP urges safety on the roads during prom season

MHP urges safety on the roads during prom season

Prom season is now underway in the Pine Belt, and while it is a fun time for high school students, it can also turn tragic.

According to Brent Barfield with the Mississippi Highway Patrol, parents should talk with their kids about safety while driving.

"We can't put aside the fact that we have to stay vigilant or teach our kids to stay vigilant when they're in the operator's seat of a motor vehicle," Barfield said.

Barfield said distracted driving is always a major concern.

"We have to constantly remind them to wear their seat belt, be aware of their speed, and conscience about the people that's in the vehicle with them," Barfield added.

Barfield said the Mississippi Highway patrol will be out in full force during prom season.

"If we can make sure our kids understand these dangers, hopefully it will be beneficial to us later on down the road," Barfield said.

We will have more in-depth reports on the dangers surrounding prom season in the days to come.