No fooling here, there was a camel on USM's campus

No fooling here, there was a camel on USM's campus

Hattiesburg - The Southern Miss Activities Council brought a special hump day visitor to campus.

"Wednesday" is a eight-month-old camel from the Feather Friends Sanctuary in Wellington, Alabama. He traveled five hours to kickoff the Golden Eagle Idol show, which will be held on the evening of April, 1.

"Since its Wednesday, so its hump day we figured why not have a camel to promote Golden Eagle Idol," said SMAC Showcase Director Jessica Thompson. "The event is tonight at 7 p.m. at the Bennett Auditorium. It is just like American Idol, for students on campus."

SMAC Event Productions Coordinator Hanna Alexander said the SMAC staff originally had the idea of getting a camel suit, but she took on the challenge of finding a real camel for the event.

"It has been successful ever since he got here," said Alexander. "Students have been putting "Wednesday" on their SnapChats and everyone is just having a really good time."

SMAC staff all agree that the desert animal advertising strategy was a success, and they believe there will be a great turnout at tonight's event.