Potty prank raises funds for Mississippi youth group

Potty prank raises funds for Mississippi youth group

COLUMBIA, MS (WDAM) - The youth group at Bunker Hill Baptist Church of Columbia flushed boring fundraiser ideas down the drain. Or in this case, the toilet.

Church members were warned before the fundraiser began that a toilet might take up residence in their front yard. But never fear! For a small fee of $25, the toilet will not only be removed, but placed in front of a house of the recipients choosing.

Four families have been recipients of the good-natured prank, and youth group members say that their nights of stealthy toilet relocation are far from over.

"As long as people keep paying, we'll keep it going," said Will Jordan, youth minister.

The funds raised will send the youth group to a camp called FUGE that focuses on mission work. The youth group has about 20 members and spans grades seven through 12.