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Hattiesburg moves to Round 2 of national competition

2015 Livability Award 2015 Livability Award

The conference of Mayors City Livability Program honors a mayor and their city governments for developing programs that enhance the quality of life in urban areas. Established in 1979, and sponsored by Waste Management, Inc., the City Livability Awards are given annually to ten mayors and their cities.

A first place award and four Outstanding Achievement Awards for cities under 100,000 population and a first place and four outstanding Achievement Awards for cities of 100,000 or more inhabitants.

“There are two categories one is above 100K and one is below 100K, we're the only city from MS that made that list,” Mayor Johnny DuPree said. “We made it because of our educational initiatives that we have here. We're real excited about it because we can do that, and we have some opportunities to highlight Hattiesburg as a city that interested in quality of life. Those things that make life better for everybody who lives here.”

The city must complete the Round 2 Application by May 1st, and the winning city will be chosen in San Francisco in June.


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