Smith County seeking public's help solving 2013 murder

Smith County seeking public's help solving 2013 murder

SMITH COUNTY, MS (WDAM) - This is a news release from the Smith County Sheriff's Department

The Smith County Sheriff's Department, under the supervision of Sheriff Charlie Crumpton, is asking the public for assistance to help solve a murder. The shooting that took the life of Smith County resident Isaac Hodges occurred on January 9, 2013. Hodges, a 21-year-old male, died from gunshot wounds on January 19, 2013, at the University Medical Center in Jackson. But vital information Hodges left with authorities will hopefully help in catching his killer(s).

Before Hodges died, he was able to tell investigators that he was gunned down by passengers in a dark colored SUV. Hodges was in a red 1999 Ford F-150 Extended Cab Pick-up truck. Hodges was in his pickup truck, and had backed his pickup truck up to the front of a store located at the intersection of Highway 501 and Smith County Road 132 (in the Sylvarena Community). Hodges had been texting a person of interest only identified only as "Katie."

Investigators say the SUV turned into the north side of the driveway, of the store, on the driver's side of Hodges' pickup truck and started shooting at Hodges. Shooters inside the SUV fired multiple shots at Hodges' vehicle. Hodges was wounded by bullets, and bullets also struck his pickup truck. Hodges told investigators that the SUV exited the scene out of the driveway, and headed South on Highway 501.

Hodges told authorities he saw a "Black male hanging out of the passenger window of the SUV," as it left the scene of the crime. Hodges died a few days later a UMC hospital.

Authorities say that evidence collected at the scene indicates that there we at least three suspects in the SUV. Authorities found multiple spent bullet casings from a .45 caliber and a .380 caliber guns. A "Mardi Gras" mask was also found at the scene where Hodges was gunned down.