Family remembers loved-one with memorial in Columbia

Family remembers loved-one with memorial in Columbia

The family of a woman who died following a four-vehicle accident held a memorial in Columbia Saturday.

Jasmine Barnes was 23-years-old when she suffered traumatic injuries from an accident that occurred on Highway 98 in Columbia in March of 2014.

Barnes' sister Karrie Magee said Jasmine was a very special person with a huge heart.

"She had a big spirit. She was always wanting to go. She was only 23 when the accident happened. so she really didn't have a chance to live, but the time that she was here with us, she lived her life with no regrets, " Barnes' sister, Karrie Magee said.

Barnes' mother, Arline Barnes said her smile warmed her heart.

"Every time you saw her, she was smiling. She was just joyful, and now she's gone.

The family said the memorial is their way of keeping her memory alive.