Kraft issues statement regarding findings in cheese

Kraft issues statement regarding findings in cheese

ELLISVILLE, MS (WDAM) - After an Ellisville woman claimed she found glass shards in her Kraft Cheese singles, the company issued a statement regarding her findings.

The statement is as followed:

"Occasionally people find something that looks like glass on the surface of their cheese that's actually either lactose crystals or phosphate crystals. Lactose crystals form from the natural sugars found in milk, and phosphate crystals form from the phosphate emulsifier, an ingredient we use to help bind the cheese together – this is what gives it that ooey gooey melt people love. When there is too much lactose or phosphate in the cheese, or if the cheese loses too much moisture, crystals can form and appear to look like glass. We have a simple test we perform to confirm the particles are lactose or phosphate crystals. We remove a crystal from the cheese and we submerge it in boiling water. We swirl the water around the crystal for several minutes. If the crystals are from the lactose or the phosphate emulsifier, they will dissolve in the boiling water. Glass, on the other hand, does not dissolve. While there is nothing wrong with eating phosphate crystals and they won't cause anyone to become ill, they can create an unappealing texture so we don't recommend it. We never want our fans to have a bad experience with our products, and phosphate crystals certainly are not what they would expect or deserve from our cheese. Consumers who see crystals in any Kraft cheese should contact us so we can investigate and provide a refund."

According to Gladys Thompson, the company will be picking up the package of cheese for further examination.

To contact the company with any concerns, click here.