Collins Police make sizeable money seizure

Collins Police make sizeable money seizure

COLLINS, MS (WDAM) - A routine safety checkpoint last week resulted in around $43,000 dollars being seized, along with a loaded handgun and some drugs in Collins.

Officials said that while conducting the checkpoint on March 17, officers noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle they had stopped.

Officers said that when they glanced inside the vehicle they also saw a gun, which turned out to be a Desert Eagle pistol. The gun was loaded.

They arrested the suspect and a further investigation revealed that the driver was also out on federal probation. Because of this, the suspects name is being withheld as the DEA and the ATF works the case along with the Collins Police Department.

The suspect is charged with possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle and DUI other.

The $43,000 which was seized will be handed over to The City of Collins after the case is resolved.

It will be used to buy equipment that the city needs that won't come out of the taxpayers' pockets.

These safety checkpoints are routine and are conducted to ensure the safety of the traveling public as well as curb drinking and driving and drug trafficking.